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    “The work provided for our website far exceeded our expectations in term of expertise, professionalism and courtesy, we strongly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions.”

    Wolfgang Freithof, A Day of Bliss Photography

    I hired Eric to design my first web site, and I have been extremely satisfied with the results. His efficiency and creativity helped the process move from uncertainty to excitement. New clients have reported that their decision to contact me was based on the ease of locating the web site and positive response to the design and content. I highly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions to anyone needing web site development.

    Mary Rex, LCSW,

    WOW…Goosebumps my friend…damn I wish I could do that…all in my head and no way of presenting it properly, that is until I found you guys!

    Jim Jones, San Diego CA

    Eric is professional, conscientious and very detail orientated. He does what he says and follows through with very high integrity. Hire Eric for your marketing needs and you will not be disappointed.

    Chuck Weinberg, Seattle WA

    I’ve gotten input and advice from dozens of Contractors and Realtors over my last 25 years as a Real Estate investor. Eric’s business experience and insights brought a new perspective to our projects, resulting in larger profits and even avoiding a project that I loved but that would have been a financial disaster.

    Pam Moser, Paso Robles CA
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Looking for Answers to Your Marketing Questions?

Looking for answers to your marketing questions?

Need someone you can trust to bring your company the growth you need?

Removing yourself from the daily activities of running your business to try to learn things we already do well is NOT the solution to your marketing needs. We understand how confusing it can be to get your marketing questions answered. Trying to choose from today’s incredible array of conflicting opinions requires an investment of time that you don’t have to spare. You need results. You want accountability. Your company needs to grow and we understand that your marketing questions need answers and solutions that work.

Answers to your marketing questionsThe good news is, you’ve found us! We can cut through the noise and eliminate your confusion and bring the knowledge and assistance you need to build your companies bottom line at a price that makes sense.

Our Marketing Consultants place decades of business experience at your fingertips. They’ll answer your marketing questions, helping you identify blind spots that may be hampering your companies growth. Need a workable marketing plan? Rethinking your marketing strategy and the best ways to connect with prospects? Our marketing consultants provide workable solutions with their no nonsense, practical approach to improving your bottom line.

Our SEO team is driven by principles and ethics, allowing us to answer your marketing questions and deploy SEO solutions with confidence. In an industry that is evolving at blazingly fast speed you must build on strong values in order to get lasting results.

Our Local Search and Reputation Marketing arm connects your individual locations with the customer groups they need while reinforcing your brand and establishing each location as the industry leader in the markets you serve.

We invite you to bring us your marketing questions and experience the benefits of working with our talented team. Schedule a Free initial consultation to see if we’re a fit for each other. We could be the answer that your marketing questions have been looking for!

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