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Building Your Web Presence

You’re here because you recognize two things:

  • the face of marketing is changing rapidly and
  • that the establishment of an effective web presence has become foundational to your growth and businesses success.

Hundreds of companies needlessly struggle year after year because their owners have been too busy working IN their business to take the time to work ON their business. They have not yet established the systems and procedures that will liberate themselves, their employees and their customers from the drudgery and status quo of enduring “Business as Usual”. Most of our team members have owned multiple businesses, tempering their specific skill set with that practical experience. Under Eric’s leadership we combine our experience with proven principles, techniques and today’s tools and technologies to establish the systems that will bring your business the revolutionary results that you need!

Get control of your Web PresenceYour customers are looking for you online and your web presence is what they will find

Not exactly a newsflash we know but, if developing an effective web presence was fast and easy you wouldn’t be here reading this. we assume that you’re also aware that you’ve entered a virtual minefield of options for marketing your business. Deciding which tools to use and the methods that will work best for improving your web presence is a multifaceted process that benefits greatly from an experienced, outside perspective. We’re able to back up farther than you can, objectively identifying your goals, ideal customer groups, their specific marketing needs, gaps and incongruities in your plans and suggest adjustments to fill them so you get the results you want with out wasting your time and marketing budget on a “shotgun” type approach. This perspective paves the way for better efficiency and longer lasting results from your marketing efforts and build you a web presence that improve your marketing budgets ROI.

A bit about us and how we can help

Instead of cubicles of fresh marketing degrees our team brings decades of business ownership and the distilled experience and advice of dozens of the best marketers in the world right to your fingertips. If you need to improve your web presence then you’re in the right place!

Each project is staffed according to its specific needs with team members that have proven themselves as experts in their respective fields.  Our content writers, for example, include a syndicated columnist, a published author and two educators holding masters degrees in writing.  Our logo designers constantly surprise us with their innovative graphics and our web site design team consistently interprets Eric’s sketches (no simple feat there) and descriptions, turning them into creative, intuitive sites for our customers.  SEO?  PPC? SEM? Social Media networks? Direct Mail? Impressive Videos?  The same story.  If your goal is to improve your web presence and your traffic online then you’ll recognize that Search Marketing and Social Marketing opportunities are evolving at blinding speed. This makes it impossible for a business owner to stay on top of the changes and integrate the solutions they need when their business depends on these markets. Our team IS the smart solution for your marketing needs. We build your web presence, connecting you with new customers and providing you with the best possible results for your marketing budget.

Looking for testimonials and examples of our work?

Here’s a short video to better introduce us to you. A few testimonials from our clients can be found to your right and examples can be seen in our portfolio.

Schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation with our founder, Eric Hardenbrook. It’s the most cost effective way for you to gather the information needed to decide if we’re the right fit for your needs. Like all changes taking back control of your web presence and dominating search results for your market requires action. Schedule that call today to see if we’re your answer.
We look forward to working toward your goals with you!

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  • Testimonials

    “The work provided for our website far exceeded our expectations in term of expertise, professionalism and courtesy, we strongly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions.”

    Wolfgang Freithof, A Day of Bliss Photography

    I hired Eric to design my first web site, and I have been extremely satisfied with the results. His efficiency and creativity helped the process move from uncertainty to excitement. New clients have reported that their decision to contact me was based on the ease of locating the web site and positive response to the design and content. I highly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions to anyone needing web site development.

    Mary Rex, LCSW,

    WOW…Goosebumps my friend…damn I wish I could do that…all in my head and no way of presenting it properly, that is until I found you guys!

    Jim Jones, San Diego CA

    Eric is professional, conscientious and very detail orientated. He does what he says and follows through with very high integrity. Hire Eric for your marketing needs and you will not be disappointed.

    Chuck Weinberg, Seattle WA

    I’ve gotten input and advice from dozens of Contractors and Realtors over my last 25 years as a Real Estate investor. Eric’s business experience and insights brought a new perspective to our projects, resulting in larger profits and even avoiding a project that I loved but that would have been a financial disaster.

    Pam Moser, Paso Robles CA