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Building Brand Awareness

If you’re not actively building brand awareness in todays markets your competitors who are will take you out of the game.   Period.

Your customers and prospects connect with your brand in many more ways than just a decade ago. Successfully building brand awareness now means you have to connect with your customers in new ways  and with tools you probably aren’t ready to deploy. Search Engines, for example, increasingly provide local search results as a default. Local businesses with completed profiles that are well optimized with consistent information now make the first page of search results, often displacing more established companies that simply aren’t connecting with their customers as well online. Businesses with multiple locations can easily compete with local merchants in this arena if they take advantage of these tools and techniques. Consider these facts:

  • Are you aware that roughly 30% of searches result in a purchase that month?
    Is building brand awareness frustrating you?
  • Did you know that number changes to 70% for searches performed on mobile devices!
  • Do you know if your business is listed in the best Search Directories for your business type and category?
  • Are your positive customer reviews being pushed to Facebook and Twitter? Are you using LinkedIn?
  • Do you show up in searches for your keywords performed on GPS devices or On-Star?
  • How about Mobile Maps or Smart Phones like the IPhone and Android?
  • Do you have a mobile version of your businesses website?

Building Brand Awareness by Dominating Local Search Results and Managing Customer Reviews

These topics have become critically important components for business growth and building brand awareness, posing huge logistical problems for business owners. There are literally thousands of directories and information sources that need to maintained with updated contact information in order to achieve optimum search results. And reviews? How do you collect, monitor and deal with them all in a timely way and keep up with everything currently on your plate to do? You could, in addition to running your business, learn to find, collect, enter, verify and maintain all of this information yourself or – you can take advantage of our Local Solution and focus on doing what you do best.

Our Local Solution packages complete these critical, business building tasks completed for you. We work at building brand awareness for you, providing detailed reporting that allows you to monitor progress from your office. You’ll have control of your online information and your brand, perhaps for the first time. This allows you to manage your businesses reputation, grow your business and increase your share of local markets. Building your brand awareness and authority has never been easier!

Measuring and Building Your Online Presence

We begin by auditing the depth and accuracy of your business information online to generate a detailed baseline report of your online presence. Our system searches for key terms related to your business category, business name and location to determine which online locations are most relevant for your business and will provide the most traffic for you. These real time search results are reported to you as a list of recommended site submissions that will build your online presence and provide you with solid growth that will be visible in your bottom line.

Placing Your Message Where It Matters

Tell us how you want your business listed – name, address, phone, web address, hours of operation, products, services, and more. We will push that information out to all relevant directories for your business type and category in the zip codes you service. Our experts analyze your report and determine where you’ll get the biggest lift, and that’s where we start. We track the submission and publication of your listings, building brand awareness with each new listing added. You receive monthly reports on the work we’re doing for you so you can focus on what you do best, running your growing business.

Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions - Building Your Brand

Reputation Management with Detailed, Actionable Reporting

Building an inventory of good reviews can get you to the front of the pack as well. They serve as referrers to your business, building trust and converting web traffic into customers. We report in detail on your online presence and let you know which review sites contain ratings and reviews for your business. We pull in content from reviews, online newspapers, blogs, and social networks. This provides you with a cost effective answer to the challenge of online reputation management. With text and email notifications combined with monthly reporting, you’ll also be able to take charge of your data syndication. Push positive reviews to your social media accounts, building brand awareness and presence whenever your customers leave you a review.

Creating a Review Gathering Plan

Having a plan in place to collect new reviews from your customers is an important component to building brand awareness, reputation and authority. We help you create a plan that not only makes it easy for reviewers to place reviews but for them to leave those reviews where they’ll bring your business the most benefit possible. Imagine how differently your business will be represented online after a year of using our proactive approach on your businesses reputation

An Affordable Solution

It isn’t easy to run a business and a marketing campaign at the same time, especially when you know that every mention of your business online is a potential marketing opportunity, yours to be won or lost. The good news is that you can get us started right away. Request your FREE web presence report from our local search department to evaluate your position in your market. Building brand awareness has finally been made simple!

The bottom line is this: Our Local Search and Reputation Management Solutions provide effective, affordable and accountable method of building your brand by improving your online presence and managing your reputation with confidence.

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    “The work provided for our website far exceeded our expectations in term of expertise, professionalism and courtesy, we strongly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions.”

    Wolfgang Freithof, A Day of Bliss Photography

    I hired Eric to design my first web site, and I have been extremely satisfied with the results. His efficiency and creativity helped the process move from uncertainty to excitement. New clients have reported that their decision to contact me was based on the ease of locating the web site and positive response to the design and content. I highly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions to anyone needing web site development.

    Mary Rex, LCSW,

    WOW…Goosebumps my friend…damn I wish I could do that…all in my head and no way of presenting it properly, that is until I found you guys!

    Jim Jones, San Diego CA

    Eric is professional, conscientious and very detail orientated. He does what he says and follows through with very high integrity. Hire Eric for your marketing needs and you will not be disappointed.

    Chuck Weinberg, Seattle WA

    I’ve gotten input and advice from dozens of Contractors and Realtors over my last 25 years as a Real Estate investor. Eric’s business experience and insights brought a new perspective to our projects, resulting in larger profits and even avoiding a project that I loved but that would have been a financial disaster.

    Pam Moser, Paso Robles CA