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SEO Workflow

Effective SEO uses a team

Ours is a group of highly skilled people, each doing what they do best and working toward a common goal. Like anything you want done well,  good communication and review procedures must be in place to efficiently accomplish the task. As the business owner you become part of this team, supplying us with the information about your company, products and services that we will be targeting web traffic for. To familiarize you with our processes we’ve prepared this SEO workflow overview.

Project Funded / Deposit Received

As an industry best practice, we require a deposit and project funding agreements to be in place prior to scheduling or starting work on any project. We’ve had hundreds of contract clients over the years and this policy has helped us avoid the horror stories that can be heard from both sides.

Phone Interview

You probably have a good idea of what needs to be done to grow your business. You can expect several calls with us but this first one will probably be the longest. During this in-depth call we’ll learn more about your business and markets so we can assign the right people to your project and creat an SEO workflow chart specifically for your needs. Expect to discuss things like:

  • your long and short term goals for your business
  • the demographics of your ideal customer groups
  • the products and services you offer
  • what sets you apart from your competition
  • why people should buy from you instead of your competition, regardless of price.

We’ll also talk about the traffic you have, where it comes from and who they are. Who do you want to visit your site that isn’t showing up? Why aren’t they? What SEO have you done already and for what key words? What are you doing for marketing now? What do you want your website to accomplish for you?

Armed with this information we can then focus your marketing on the ideal customer groups for your business, making it more efficient and not only attracting more qualified traffic to your site but converting a higher percentage of that traffic into customers as well. Out of this conversation will come a suggested list of keywords and phrases that we will expand and improve your ranking and traffic for.

Perform an Audit of your Website

In order to move your business forward we must first identify and correct anything within your site that is keeping it from advancing to page one of search results. Think of this step as releasing the parking brake on your car before hitting the gas to get to your destination. The goals here are to identify things in your site that are keeping your business securely “parked”. Finding those deficiencies and anchors is the purpose of the audit.

Occasionally we recommend rebuilding a clients website as a less expensive course of action than fixing everything. This is most likely to happen if the companies goals for the website have changed or the design is not matching the needs of your target audience. If SEO alone is not going to achieve your goals we want to find this out at the front of our SEO workflow process.

Perform Keyword Research

During this phase we review the content on your site and how it relates to the active keyword searches that have lead people to your site. We’ll compare that with the keywords list from the conversation we had on the phone and determine what needs to happen both in terms of SEO content and in changes to your website in order to improve your ranking for the keywords and phrases >we’ve discussed. We’ll  identify the keywords responsible for bringing your existing traffic as well as suggesting new keywords that could expose your pages to more searchers.

Web Design Suggestions

Assume that you’re currently converting 1.5% of your traffic into customers. If by making a few changes to your site we can improve that conversion ration to 3% we’ve just doubled the number of customers you’re receiving from your site! For this reason our web design team will examine your site, looking for ways to improve the user experience. Our team is proficient at building pages that convert visitors into buyers and as mentioned, even simple alterations can frequently lead to dramatic improvements in the percentage of visitors your site converts into customers.

SEO Workflow Adjustments

You can only draw conclusions from the information you have. We know that and are as transparent as practical, keeping you in the loop whenever possible. As soon as we have developed some conclusions and developed a strategy that fits your needs and budget, we’ll schedule a call to discuss it. We review our findings with you and make adjustments to the schedule and scope of work as needed. Together,we can rework our strategy as needed, adjusting the SEO workflow schedule based on the decisions made.

On-site Issues Addressed

Time to release that parking brake! Our review of your site will have highlighted places needing improvement in order to increase your search rankings. If you need more content or revisions to existing text, now is the time that work will begin.

On-going Content Strategies

Adding new content on a regular basis is a huge benefit for any website. As part of your package we may add a blog or some other sort of dynamic page to your site. This could be regular announcements, a series of updates, progress reports on a significant project or something similar. Ongoing content helps your site to be vibrant, desirable and adds value to your visitors. To make updating easy for our clients, we often use a Content management System such as WordPress which is easy to update, allowing you to do this in-house instead of relying on us to constantly update your site.

If like most business owners you are busy running your business and don’t want to do this yourself we can assign a member of our writing team to make regular updates for you. This keeps your site fresh and relative while using the keywords that attract the types of traffic most profitable for your business. All content must be approved by you prior to being published n your website.


Depending on your business and the type of website you have, we’ll install one of several analytics suites on your site for you. Once your key performance indicators are established we can start assessing how well your site is responding to the work we are doing. Tracking these indicators allows us to adjust our tactics quickly, guaranteeing you the best possible results for your marketing budget.

Implementing a Proven Link Building Strategy

Having other sites establish links to your site indicates to search engines that you are an authority in your field and is an essential component of effective SEO. Recent changes to Google’s methods of evaluating websites for example, places a much higher value on its content and authoritative links than in the past. Many SEO companies continue to use link farms and bulk submission techniques that are now viewed negatively by Google and other search engines. Our professional writers are not pumping out nonsense created solely for the purpose of creating a link but are adding content to the web that benefits your reputation and page rank, attracting links by becoming a respected authority in your industry.

Local Search

Achieving top placement in local search results is vital for a regional or local business and is driven by several factors. One of which is having citations (or listings) in online directories serving your community that include specific information about your business. Angie’s List, Urban Spoon, Yellow Pages and thousands more paint a picture of your involvement and connectivity in your community. We investigate your competition, comparing their listings with yours and adding to yours as needed to bring you to the top of your local search results.

Claiming and completing optimized profiles in Search Engines and Social Media also affect these results and if your package includes this service, now is the time we will be starting work on these elements. This is the point in your SEO workflow that several paths are being worked on simultaneously. Things are coming together and expectations are starting to rise. Your pages are on the move and soon your competitors will be wondering what’s going on!

Ongoing Review, Analysis and Adjustments

Language is not static and neither is search. Just as we constantly look for new ways to promote your business for you, we are always watching for trends in search. As we see that people are changing the ways that they search, we may suggest adding or changing some of the keywords we have used in order to keep you ahead of your competitors. Keep in mind that being on page one of Google’s results is not the end of the story. Just as you displaced other pages to claim your place on page one, they now want your first page position and are working to knock you down to page two. Our review service helps us keep an eye on your ranking, suggesting changes and adjustments when needed to protect your investment and keep your customers streaming in.

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    “The work provided for our website far exceeded our expectations in term of expertise, professionalism and courtesy, we strongly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions.”

    Wolfgang Freithof, A Day of Bliss Photography

    I hired Eric to design my first web site, and I have been extremely satisfied with the results. His efficiency and creativity helped the process move from uncertainty to excitement. New clients have reported that their decision to contact me was based on the ease of locating the web site and positive response to the design and content. I highly recommend Hardenbrook Marketing Solutions to anyone needing web site development.

    Mary Rex, LCSW,

    WOW…Goosebumps my friend…damn I wish I could do that…all in my head and no way of presenting it properly, that is until I found you guys!

    Jim Jones, San Diego CA

    Eric is professional, conscientious and very detail orientated. He does what he says and follows through with very high integrity. Hire Eric for your marketing needs and you will not be disappointed.

    Chuck Weinberg, Seattle WA

    I’ve gotten input and advice from dozens of Contractors and Realtors over my last 25 years as a Real Estate investor. Eric’s business experience and insights brought a new perspective to our projects, resulting in larger profits and even avoiding a project that I loved but that would have been a financial disaster.

    Pam Moser, Paso Robles CA